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My Vision

Photographing digitally allows me unlimited experimentation as how to see my subject matter. Capturing my images in camera is important to me as these are not post processed in any way. Being exposed to so much visual material in our lives and all the possibilities of image manipulation with modern technology, my aim is to bring us back to reality and to connect with the truth.

In my photography I capture not the subject itself,but the space and time within the scene and share my experience of this reality, inviting the viewer to engage and to create his or her very own experience.

In my ongoing project “Still Waters” I do not try to replicate the subject matter in a most realistic manner, but in my very personally experienced reality. I recognise the decorative value, the desire to have something representing beauty, but more so, the ethereal, spiritual value, a possibility to engage with your inner self, to travel to desired places, a meditative journey, a soul exploration. My intention is to create an impressionistic interpretation of reality with a window to explore the visual capture on a different level. Within my images I aim to capture a certain timelessness and endlessness.

With mobile phones allowing us to alter and “beautify” everyday life it is in my deepest interest to capture the sense of an emotion, that we all can relate to and find a common visual language of positive communication and connection.

With the advanced technologies and development of photographic equipment I am also intrigued in questioning, what defines a great photograph and print . What is created under the name op photography and not categorized as a manipulated image, art created using editing programs. My images are not post processed at all and mostly un-cropped in their true form of capture.

My Fine Art Photography Tools and Media


I am very happy to shoot with my Canon EOS 5 D Mark II.

What also excites me is to use different media to produce my work onto, to fully enhance its purposes and to connect with modern technology in this way. Some photographs are produced as Lambda C-Type prints, Perspex face mount on aluminium di-bond, others as prints direct to media and others fused onto aluminium.The latter makes the artwork water, light and chemical resistant which allows it to be placed indoors in a kitchen or bathroom and outdoors in a garden or terrace as well. What possibilities for Interior Design and Garden Design!

My prints are available as limited editions in different sizes.

Popular sizes are 76 x 50 cm and 120 x 81 cm.

Find an idea regarding different finishes under production. Enjoy browsing my portfolio!

Please feel free to inquire regarding different sizes and prices.

I am interested in capturing nature, particularly water, the source of life, as a story about how we perceive it, how it reflects on us and what marks we create within. The essence is also questioning our awareness, level of seeing, slowing down and capturing a still in the fast flow of our lives.